12 On Your Side: How to keep students school prepped over the holidays

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News 12 This Morning/Monday Dec. 30, 2013

(WRDW)--The U.S. Department of Education says although holiday downtime is healthy for a student, more success is found in school when students get back to the books over the holidays.

That success is found primarily in the subjects of math and reading, where practice is key.

The Department of Education says having students do basic reviews of spelling words, math concepts and sentence structure just 20 to 30 minutes a day could help make a significant difference when they head back to school.

If your child's teacher didn't give worksheets or projects for the holiday, consider searching online for review work--or check out worksheets in the below links.

Also, consider using some of that time to just read--and it doesn't have to be classical literature. It can be reading of magazines, comic books, instruction manuals--anything that's going to help your child continue practicing reading comprehension.

Lastly, the Department of Education says not to forget the arts. Consider hitting an event like a concert, play or local museum and talking about the historical significance of the event.

Click the links below for worksheet options and events in upcoming events in our area.

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