12 On Your Side: Homeowner accuses contractor of "poor workmanship"; no refund

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Jan. 24, 2014

12 On Your Side


"I'm upset. I mean I'm a senior and I live on a very fixed income," said Betty Anderson. So when she needed to build a retaining wall in her basement, she hired McCoy Landscaping.

She cut a check for $400 in December. It was half down but Anderson said the day the work was to begin, owner Michael McCoy requested more money. "Wanted to know if I would advance him two-hundred more dollars," said Anderson. She agreed writing McCoy another check.

"He was supposed to come around there and down there and laid all the block," said Anderson as she showed News 12 where the work was supposed to be performed. She said gaps between cinder blocks should have been filled with mortar.

"I said Mr. McCoy, the joints are not struck. The work is very poor," said Anderson. She put a halt to the project and demanded her money back.

"He said if I ever get the money back I will give it, give you back your money but you'll just have to talk to my lawyer because I've already filed bankruptcy," said Anderson.

We investigated McCoy Landscaping and found it has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and has failed to respond to 3 complaints. Also according to the city of North Augusta, the company's business license expired in 2012.

We spoke with McCoy by phone. He told us that he wanted to be a blessing to Anderson. He admitted he made a bad business decision and does not mind giving Anderson her money back. He also admitted he should have had a business license but will renew his license soon. McCoy also told News 12 he did not know he had an F rating with the BBB but that it could be possible.

For Anderson, if she had to do this all over again. "First of all I wouldn't have given him the other $200," said Anderson.

Meanwhile McCoy said when he gets his income tax check he wants News 12 to be there when he refunds Anderson her money.

So, if you are looking to do business with a contractor check the company's rating with the Better Business Bureau and verify that it has a license to do business.