12 On Your Side: Filing taxes in a flash using smartphone application

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / March 3, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- "This has been a stellar tax season thus far in the number of returns filed," said Mark Green with the Internal Revenue Service. With just 43 days left before April 15th, Green said Georgians and South Carolinians are in a filing frenzy. "In South Carolina, the numbers have been alarming," said Green.

According to the IRS, 850,000 South Carolina returns have already been filed out of an expected $1.1 million and in Georgia nearly half of the 4.5 million returns are already in. "Individuals have caught on to the electronic filing. It's fast it's safe its accurate," said Green.

And Green said electronic filers can get their refunds within 21 days, half the time it takes for paper filing and its safer. "Paper returns tend to either get lost or stolen," said Green.

Believe it or not, their are smartphone apps that can make filing even easier. "It's simple as taking your W-2 and there's a bar code and on your smartphone you can hold the barcode up," said Green.

For example, H&R Block's smartphone software is called the 1040ez app. Just snap a picture of your W-2 with your phone and it automatically inputs your tax information. It takes about 15 minutes to file your return.

Meanwhile the TaxACT version is called TaxACT Express and the IRS version is IRS2Go.

"More young individuals, I definitely think will be the ones that will change the structure the landscape of how we file our taxes in the future," said Green.

For Android and IPhone users, you can find the application in your phone app store or play store.

TaxSlayer: iPhoneand Android
TaxACT: Both phones iPhone and Android
IRS2Go: iPhone and Android
1040ezapp: Both phones iPhone and Android

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