12 On Your Side: Family of 10 left homeless after property condemned

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / December 13, 2013


"Your kids come home, see this (notice) on the house and what's that momma? We gotta leave? Yeah we gotta leave Monday. But it is almost Christmas. I said yeah but don't expect nothing under the Christmas tree because I don't know what to tell you," says Laura Alday.

Time is running out for Alday and her eight kids after their mobile home was condemned for being unsafe and unsanitary. How can you want to condemn my house? there's houses out there that look worse then mine," says Alday.

Columbia County is giving Alday and her family until Monday to fix more than a dozen code violations inside and outside the home including sanitation, occupancy and structural issues.

Some of which she says are being taken care of.

"The yard was not perfect it really wasn't," says Alday. She says she and her husband are trying to make other required repairs including putting up underpinning around the mobile home, getting rid of an old above ground swimming pool and replacing windows and the front porch.

"They say it's dangerous for the kids. The kids can't be on the porch like that," says Alday. They have removed enough garbage to fill a dumpster too.

Alday admits the property needs some more improvements but had hoped for more time. "It's horrible that people can do that this time of year to a family," says Alday.

With less than 72 hours to bring the property up to code, she is keeping the faith, knowing for everyone in her family, it is a race against the clock.

We asked Alday if she knew where she and her family would be at Christmas time. I don't know yet, I don't know. I want it to be here but I don't know," says Alday.

The family says it is trying to make alternative living arrangements.

Meanwhile if you own or rent you should have a copy of the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code Manual. It is a guide for keeping your home up to required standards. It can be obtained for free by going online and typing the name of the manual into your search engine.