12 OYS: Elmyria Chivers running for Senate; no political experience, no problem

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / May 13, 2014

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- While Elmyria Chivers has no real-world political experience, she believes her extensive background in education and real estate are her strong selling points.

"I love this community and care about it, "said Chivers. That is one reason why Chivers said he decided to jump in the District 22 Senate race. While she has a degree in history and politics, Chivers has never been a politician.

"Experience has its place. You can't bash experience, but at some point when experience is not working, when you are getting the same results from the same recycled ideals, people do need a fresh face," said Chivers.

She said she wants to represent Richmond County, and said being a former educator and longtime realtor gives her a better understanding of the community and why people choose to live in Augusta or not.

"In order to grow a community, you have to attract people. What attracts people? Schools, jobs, housing, safety, " said Chivers.

Monday night, she attracted more potential voters by hosting an event that include a guest appearance from actor and activist Danny Glover who endorsed her for Senate.

"There is a common bond. We are related, and I know his heart, and I know that he cares about people. He's a great humanitarian and I respect that," said Chivers.

Glover has come under criticism in recent years for opposing the Iraq War, and he was booed at a college graduation for not putting his hand over his heart during a flag ceremony. During Monday night's rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, Glover stood with his hands behind his back.

Chivers said she still supports her cousin. "I feel that even though he has his positions on certain things, you have to respect people for their positions," said Chivers.

Earlier this month we sat down with Commission Corey Johnson. Later this week we will talk with Harold Jones, the final candidate running for the District 22 seat.

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