12 On Your Side: Driver says local truck company writing him bad checks

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / September 11, 2013


While Leon Williams says he worked for the company because it had a good reputation, now he says he regrets ever signing on the dotted line

"I've been driving a truck for over thirty years," says Williams. Last February Williams signed on as a contracted hauler for Sanders Truck Transportation Company Incorporated out of Augusta.

"The first five months it was pretty good and they paid like they was supposed to pay but the last couple months just been having problems getting paid," says Williams.

He says not only was his last paycheck for $2,088 a week late but when he tried to cash it he says it was no good. "Every time I go to the bank they tell me they don't have the funds to cash it," says Williams.

He says when he has asked the owner, he gets nothing but excuses.
"Maybe tomorrow, we just ain't got the funds to pay you," says Williams. I told him I got creditors just like you got creditors and I need to pay my bills,"

Williams says his biggest expense is his $1,000 monthly payment on his rig. He says he cannot pay his own bills until he gets the paycheck he has already earned.

On Wednesday afternoon, Williams called the company to see if the money was in its account. We even followed Williams to the bank to see if the check would go through, but still no good.

News 12 went by the company but we were prohibited from going on the property. Williams says he just wants what he has worked for.

"You expecting something out of me so I'm expecting something out of you because we signed a contract," says Williams. He has found another company to work for.

Meanwhile News 12 left numerous messages for the owner of Sanders Truck Transportation Company Incorporated but we have not heard back.

We found out about this story from a volunteer in News 12's Call For Action Center.

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