12 On Your Side: Burger joint owner on the lam; unpaid employees continue to work

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / September 23, 2013


Employees are tight-lipped about talking owner Gregory Glover but Columbia County investigators say he is wanted for fraud after trying to open a checking account using a stolen social security number.

After attempting to ask employees and even one manager if they were aware their boss was wanted, we were told to leave the restaurant.

News 12 spoke by phone with a woman who says her daughter has not gotten paid in weeks because of Gregory Glover's troubles. "They are keeping this business afloat for a man that has a warrant out for his arrest," says the woman who wished not to be identified to protect her daughter.

She says her daughter and other employees are worried about losing their jobs despite not getting paid like she says they should. At night time they take the money that they earned that day out of the register to go buy supplies to keep the restaurant running the next day," says the woman.

This afternoon we tried to speak with the manager again but he refused to comment...but customers are after learning glover is wanted for fraud.

"That is not good, I guess I wont be back," says Casey Owens. Another customer after learning the news said she will go elsewhere for lunch.

News 12's investigation has also revealed that Glover does not have a business license despite opening shop earlier this year. At one time Glover also owned Southern Builders & Land Developers LLC.

We have learned his state license for that operation lapsed and he has an unpaid delinquent contractor debt of nearly $9,000.

Officials say Glover was arrested twice in 2009 on fraud. He left a message for On Your Side this afternoon. He stated he wants to tell his side of the story. We are awaiting Mr. Glover's phone call.

Meanwhile we spoke with licensing and officials there say if you operate without a license you could be subject to a fine and complete defiance could result in both fines and jail time.