12 OYS: Woman claims she was scammed by tax adviser; no refund

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / March 11, 2014

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MILLEN Ga. (WRDW)-- "My Internet was cutoff and I had no way of filing my taxes," said Minnie Roper. When Internet problems kept her from filing online, she turned to an expert for help. "I wanted to get my taxes done," said Roper.

She was referred to a tax advisor who claimed to have her own tax office in Statesboro. Roper said the woman even made a house call to pick up a copy of her social security number, drivers license and other personal information and promised to return the documents the next day but Roper said the woman never came back.

"This was in January. here it is March. I haven't heard from her," said Roper. She has a prepaid debit card where the tax refund was supposed to be deposited. She has been checking everyday and keeps getting the same message

"It says I have a zero balance," said Roper. She now fears that her personal information has been put in the wrong hands, setting her up for possible identity theft. "She could be doing other things with people's social security numbers," said Roper. She said she plans to file a police report with Jenkins County authorities.

"I feel like she robbed me. I really do," said Roper.

Roper said she is fortunate she did not provide her routing and checking account numbers to this person. However with her social security number, drivers license information and name out there, she is planning to apply for some credit protection to monitor her accounts.