12 OYS Update: Land lady shrugs off judgment by ex-tenant, questions judge's ruling

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, Oct. 25, 2013

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, SC (WRDW)-- Once again the power of social media. After that first story folks started commenting on our Facebook page. It was those comments that lead us to open an investigation into landlady Diana Ryan.

"Why would anybody want to do this? why would anybody want to mess up property like this," said Diana Ryan. Earlier this week, she told News 12 the tenants from her Edgefield County property trashed the place as revenge for being evicted.

She told us it would cost about $1,500 to clean up the mess. At the time, we asked Ryan if she was going to take the now ex-tenants to court.

"I have judgments on people but what good does it do me," said Ryan. But Shanna Johnson tells a different story. After seeing our report, Johnson contacted News 12.

Also one of Ryan's former tenants, Johnson says she had legal problems after moving out.

"Does she not realize that's how I feel I spent $80 almost $100 to take her to court that I am out of," says Johnson. She says she had to file a civil suit after she says Ryan refused to return her security deposit.

"We went to court and I won that one and the judge sided on me on all points they ordered her to pay me my money," says Johnson.

The case went all the way to the South Carolina's Court of Appeals and Ryan still will not pay up. "I'm not going to pay her a judgment.," says Ryan. When we found Ryan at her home on Townes Road in North Augusta, she didn't deny it.

"That is what her security deposit is for damages and anything like that. That judge has ruled on a lot of things that shouldn't have been," says Ryan.

According to law, if you have won a judgment and the defendant fails to satisfy it. You can file an execution to seize property in their name.

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