12 OYS: Teacher cuts students clothes with scissors, says joke went too far

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / March 14, 2014

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) --"He's a good teacher," said 7th grader Wesley Longhurst. The 12-year-old said he had always liked his 7th grade math teacher, but he does not feel that way anymore. "I was like man, what are you doing. I didn't like it," said Longhurst.

He said last Friday his teacher Thurston Williams acted badly. He said it began after another student started shoving Wesley during class. "I pushed him back with the ruler in my hand and it snapped," said Longhurst.

He said his teacher did not like what happened. "He said if you break something of mine I'm gonna break something of yours," said Longhurst.

The teacher admitted to police that is when he took a pair of scissors from his desk, walked toward the boy and cut the collar of his shirt. We asked Wesley if he was scared. "Confused because I didn't think he would do that," said Longhurst. Neither did Wesley's mother Sandra.

"I want him arrested. I mean I'm angry that he would come at my child with a pair of scissors," said Longhurst.

News 12 obtained an incident report filed with the Richmond County Board of Education. In it, teacher Thurston Williams says, "he did not want to cause harm...nor was he trying to injure" but that it was "a "joke" that went wrong.

Sandra Longhurst is not laughing. "Who gave him the right to put his hands on my child," said Longhurst. The BOE investigator said he does not believe Thurston Williams meant any harm to the student. Meanwhile, the boy's mother questions whether the teacher should be in a classroom at all.

"I don't really feel that he's fit to be teaching children if that's his idea of punishment," said Longhurst. "I would like for him to apologize," said Wesley.

For now, Wesley has been moved to another math class at Tutt Middle. His mom does not blame the school or county school system. But she said she wants criminal charges brought against Thurston Williams. She told us she plans to file charges with the sheriff's office.