12 OYS: TV repairman Perry Bower arrested on 10th larceny charge

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday, May 22, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- News 12 continues its ongoing investigation into a local TV repairman accused of numerous counts of larceny.

That man is 54 year-old Perry Bower who is out on bond again after being charged with larceny.

Bower's rap sheet is getting longer and longer. While he already faced with nine counts of larceny, police said he is now facing a tenth after cashing a check and failing to deliver the goods.

Deputies said Bower is accused of taking $95 from a customer and failing to repair his TV and it is not the first time. Meanwhile other customers have made similar complaints.

"He did some work for me back in July, and I gave him three months to fix it or return my money and he didn't," said Frank Allen. He filed theft-by-deception charges against Bower earlier this year along with nearly a dozen others.

Investigators said in all, more than 50 customers have filed police reports claiming Bower took deposits, but never delivered on his promises.

"It's a, it's a big mess if you want me to tell you," said Hiram Cartee.

In February, Cartee was able to retrieve his VCR only after Bower was evicted from his Electric Medic business for failing to pay nearly $5,000 in back rent. Inside that shop, we found hundreds of TV's and circuit boards littering the floors.

During one of Bowers' bond hearings, he told a judge that News 12's ongoing investigations were the reason his business was suffering. That is not all he told the judge.

"This skin infection I've got, have it where it's hard to build or repair TV's," said Bower.

Despite being arrested and charged with 9 counts of larceny in recent months, Bower is still operating as a TV repairman.

Our latest investigation has revealed that Bower is using a phone number associated with G&H Electronics on Washington Road in Augusta. According to the property owner, that business closed years ago.

Since our last report in February, we have received several calls from other News 12 viewers claiming that Bower took their deposits and delivered nothing in return.

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