12 OYS: St. Louis Original Hamburgers owner evicted; files bankruptcy

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, Feb. 28, 2014

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MARTINEZ, Ga. (WRDW) -- A local burger joint owner is out-of-business after being evicted.

Gregory Glover, owner of St. Louis Original Hamburgers, was already under fire by former employees who say he failed to pay them.

Since setting up shop last April, court records show Glover never paid rent and now owes more than $40,000.

"Getting paid would be a wonderful thing because that's what you work for," Jarrod Coffey, a former employee, said.

"We called the guy repeatedly up through August and just never got a response," former vendor John Haynie and owner of Sig Cox Incorporated in Augusta said.

All claiming the owner of St. Louis Original Hamburgers owed them money.

"I would go to his bank and one time they cashed it but another time they said he didn't have the money and it was just a one hundred dollar check," said Moriah Little.

Officials said Gregory Glover also owes $40,000 in back rent to the owners of the property.

They said they never received a dime since the business opened last April. All that is left now are a couple off storage pods in the parking lot after marshals evicted Glover yesterday.

And court documents show the same day the eviction order was entered, Glover filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. You may recall back in September, Glover was wanted by deputies after being accused of using someone else's social security number to try and open a bank account.

Just hours after bonding out of jail, we caught up with him outside his restaurant. He declined to comment on any of the accusations from former employees or about his arrest. He told us to speak with his attorney.

At the time, our investigation revealed Glover was operating without a business license and owed more than $140,000 to numerous businesses. Now what appears to have been a final chapter of St. Louis Original Hamburgers came last month when a group of former employees staged a sit down outside the restaurant.

"I just want a paycheck," said Jarrod Coffey. However, Glover locked the doors on the group and called deputies to remove them for trespassing.

Coffey said he learned a very expensive lesson from the experience of working at the restaurant.

"Check on where you are working if it's not something a brand name that you are aware of do a little bit of research because if we had done some research we would have never stepped into this," said Coffey.

Meanwhile at least three former employees have filed suit in small claims court for money they said Glover owes them.

But having filed bankruptcy, it is unclear whether those former employees and vendors will recoup any of the money they claim is owed to them.

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