12 OYS: Skittles candy purchase ends with teacher accused of simple battery on student

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / March 19, 2014

HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WRDW)-- "If it had been on the other hand, my son would've been out of school. He may have been in juvenile," said Frankie Parker. He said he wants the teacher accused of simple battery on his 16 year-old son Joshua to be punished.

"I'm trying to wonder what his intent is or was," said Parker.

Richmond County Board of Education Police said Hephzibah High School teacher Pierce Timmerman admitted to grabbing Joshua tearing his Ralph Lauren Polo shirt.

BOE Police said it began after the teenager entered a restricted teacher lounge to buy a pack of Skittles from a vending machine. Timmerman admits he thought Joshua may have been the person who had been stealing his food.

"He was upset, yeah because all he wanted was his candy and he (Timmerman) wouldn't give it to him," said Parker.

The incident was reportedly witnessed by another teacher in the lounge. Timmerman admitted he threw Joshua's Skittles in the trash and said that Joshua "did not attempt to strike him at no time during the incident" and "if he could do this incident over again, he would have called administration or public safety."

Parker said his son knows what would have happened had he grabbed the teacher the same way. "Joshua said the reason he didn't touch him (Timmerman) is because he saw himself in the police car," said Parker and possibly charged with simple battery on a teacher.

BOE Police said the witness, another teacher, said Timmerman was "overly aggressive with Joshua for no reason."

"They reimbursed on the shirt that I asked and they reimbursed on the candy," said Parker. A reimbursement of $21.00. But Parker wants to know specifically what sort of disciplinary action may be taken against the teacher. "They said they are going to have a meeting on it and handle it," said Parker.

Meanwhile BOE Police said Pierce Timmerman admitted being aware of district policy concerning touching students. While a district official could not elaborate on any disciplinary action against the teacher because it involves personnel, when we asked him if the teacher over reacted, he said yes.