12 OYS: Scammers charge $9,000 on credit cards to fund inmate account

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / April 16, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Angry, violated, frustrated is how Terry Fultz said she feels after she and her husband Ralph were scammed out of nearly $9,000.

"They are preying on older people," Fultz said.

Terry and Ralph Fultz said credit card numbers were stolen and the money on those cards was used to fund inmate accounts

Fultz said last month scammers claiming to be with a company called Credit Bureau of America Equifax called to alert Ralph that someone had used one of his credit cards to make a fraudulent purchase and they needed to verify information on his Regions Bank and Georgia Power Credit Union accounts.

"Entire credit card numbers to include the security code on the back," Fultz said.

Terry said the caller already had personal information on two of the couples credit and debit cards.

"They didn't have the numbers on Capital One, they didn't have the numbers on Sears," Fultz said.

She said her husband gave it to them believing it would prevent anymore fraudulent charges from happening on any of his accounts.

"He's dealing with PTSD dementia," Fultz said.

The credit card companies have reversed the fraudulent charges. Georgia Power Credit Union sent the couple a letter saying:

"We are sorry you fell victim to this scam but by providing such information over the telephone to anyone, an act of gross negligence was committed"

Georgia Power also said four charges to Western Union and two charges to an inmate payment service totaling more than $700 will not be refunded.

Terry said she believes the scam was an inside job after she and Ralph hired a couple to due some cleaning around their home. "If somebody comes in and works for you, if they steal something you're responsible," Fultz said.

The couple said they believe the cleaners accessed their credit cards writing down the information and then selling or passing on the numbers to folks who were part of the scam.

While the name of this so called credit bureau sounds almost legitimate, it is not. Equifax is a real credit reporting agency.

So, if something like this comes your way make sure to call them directly to verify.

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