12 OYS: Richmond County to blame for drainage, trash issues

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / July 30, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- From a ditch dilemma, to trash troubles. "We're in a predicament. It feels like it's getting worse," said Donna Schwindt. She and her husband Warren said enough is enough.

"When it would rain, really hard. The water would flood and go over the driveway," said Donna.

So this month Schwindt said the county drilled down even deeper into a drainage ditch in front of their home off Hephzibah McBean Road. While its eased some of the flooding problems, they said it created another mess.

"The trash can became an issue because. I had no place to put it where they would actually pick it up," Schwindt said.

Placed on the house side of the ditch it was too far for the garbage truck's mechanical arm. Placed in the ditch, it would tip over spilling trash into the trench. Placed at the roads edge, did not help either.

"If you do put obstacles out into the street, than the homeowner's going to be responsible for people's cars if they accidentally hit it," Schwindt said.

We reached out to county officials who made repairs to the Schwindt's driveway by widening it far enough that they can place their trash bin within the regulated distance of the street, and without it blocking their driveway.

"We need to have a resolution that actually works," Schwindt said. The couple also showed us a water line that is exposed as a result of the ditch being dug deeper.

News 12 called the Augusta Engineering Department. An official said crews will go out there to bury the line and repair the Schwindt's driveway as well.

The county said it is ineffective to have asphalt and utility crews working, and getting in each others way, and possibly slowing down the process of making those repairs.

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