12 OYS: Property deed service sued in other states targets Georgia

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Feb. 18, 2014

HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WRDW) "It kind of burns me up a little bit," said Donnie Rushing. He says he is ticked off after getting a letter in the mail. An official-looking notice offering Rushing to pay $63 for a copy of his property deed.

"No postage, return envelope. It's pre printed. Got all my information on there from when I purchased it, you know everything," said Rushing. That is when he called On Your Side. Our investigation found the company Property Transfer Services, lists its business addresses as post office boxes in South Dakota and California. But no physical address and according to the Better Business Bureau the company which has 6 alternate business names has an F rating.

"They're selling deeds and there's no market for it," said GiGi Turner with Augusta's Better Business Bureau. And while it is not a scam, Turner said the company is charging $63 for document a homeowner can obtain for just a few bucks. Turner even tried to locate the company's physical address with no luck.

"I have no way of finding this business if I have a problem," said Turner. Meanwhile the company said the letters are a solicitation and consumers are not obligated to pay unless they accept the offer. As for Rushing, he said he just wants others to be aware.

"Some people if they were not paying attention would have thought it's just something that they needed, they'd write up a check," said Rushing. In Georgia, no legal action has been taken against the owner. However several states have sued him for violating its consumer protection laws. We left a message for the owner but have not heard back yet.