12 OYS: Paine shooting victim has criminal past; homemade video depicts robbing, shooting person

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / May 7, 2014

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree confirmed on Wednesday that both the suspect and victim in Monday's shooting at Paine College have criminal histories.

JaJuan Baker continues his recovery in the hospital just 2 days after authorities say he was shot in the head by 20 year-old Xavier Cooper. The shooting happened on the Paine College campus.

"We have not been able to interview the victim in this case, however we plan as soon as he is physically able," said Roundtree.

We are learning more about Baker's background. "The victim does in fact have a gun-related charge from another state in 2012.

News 12 confirmed there were actually 2 charges in North Carolina for carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a fire arm. Officials say both of those charges were dropped.

While investigating, we also found a short film on Vimeo.com. On it JaJuan Baker is shown confronting another man about money. Baker says, "where that money at boy." Then, he and another man are shown hitting that person in the face with the gun as they ask for money.

The video goes on to show them taking money from underneath a bed and before leaving, JaJuan is portrayed shooting the person. The short film is called, "Grimey at its Best"

While the film is fiction, the reality is that authorities say Baker has not been ruled out in connection with some off campus shootings.

"We have some circumstantial evidence, but of course that's not enough to move forward with prosecution," said Roundtree.

It is one of several scenarios Roundtree is looking at and said, based on the timing of the shooting incidents, it is possible Baker is connected.

Roundtree added that Baker is associated with individuals who have criminal backgrounds. "We have been able to confirm the fact that some of the associates have been charged with narcotic possession in the past," said Roundtree.

Until the victim is interview or more witnesses come forward, it remains unknown what if any charges Baker may face.

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