12 OYS: Man says local business lured him with worthless gift card

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Aug. 29, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- It seemed too good to be true.

"I don't think it's a scam," said Brian DeRosa.

He said he feels deceived by a local business after winning a prize.

A $300 gift card he could use, but only on a website called ShoppingCardStore.com.

"I will find something until I found out the details of it. The processing fee and the handling for each item shipped.

Fees he said could not be taken off the gift card, but instead his own credit card. Items he said are not worth the price.

"We can't speak for the quality of it because we don't know, but when I saw it online, I wasn't impressed," DeRosa said.

One example was an eight piece fishermen set that would cost DeRosa $37.95 and his credit card would be charged $14.95 for shipping.

"To me free is free. You give me something and I walk out the door with it. If I have to pay processing and shipping and handling, why can't that amount come off my (gift) card." DeRosa said.

We did some investigating, and found the company is affiliated with a website called SelectYourGifts.com. A company that in 2014 was accused of deceiving consumers in Tennessee. According to the complaint, the company is part of a network of more than forty entities, individuals and aliases working in combination.

We reminded DeRosa that it is free after all and what did he expect.

"Oh, it's free definitely, but you're still paying, so in the end it's not a prize," DeRosa said.

He said it is the last time he will be lured by an offer. One he said does not live up to its promise.

"I would have been happier with a $10 restaurant gift card," DeRosa said.

There is another similar sounding online company called Select-Your-Gift.com, which said it did not want to be confused or associated with SelectYourGifts.com.

Meanwhile the business that gave DeRosa the gift card as a prize did is not a scam and did not violate any laws. However, the Better Business Bureau said its looking into contacted the company and letting it know that this type of marketing campaign could create more unhappy potential customers.

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