12 OYS: How to sign up for Paine College e-alerts

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News 12 This Morning/Tuesday May 6, 2014

(WRDW)--In July, Paine College switched from campus security to a campus police department, which allows officers to carry firearms and to work together with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office when responding to incidents

Now, both the Paine Police Department and Richmond County Sheriff's Office are both investigating yesterday's shooting.

With two on campus shootings happening within 24 hours of each other, deputies responded to both Sunday and yesterday's shootings.

To alert students, the campus used its emergency procedures to send out alerts, which includes using robo calls and e-alerts.

Paine administrators now say the campus is safe and classes will go on today.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is taking lead in the investigation and working to increase security on campus until further notice.

To sign up for email and text message alerts, click on the attached link and fill out the online form.

The form does ask that those enrolling use their Paine College email address and that other address "may not receive alerts."

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