12 OYS: Former TV repairman Perry Bower charged with stealing electricity

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / July 18, 2014

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW) -- Perry Bower is back behind bars. Banned by a judge from repairing TV's, and already facing 10 counts of theft-by-deception, the former repairman is now facing two counts of theft of utility services in Columbia County.

"He went to a building. Stole a Georgia Power meter from the building. Then he reinstalled that meter at his home," said Captain Steve Morris with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said around 7:30 Monday night, Bower went back to the building he used to operate his Electric Medic TV repair shop out of, before he was evicted earlier this year. That is where they said he disconnected one of the smart meters.

Investigators said his Bower's plan turned sour because he was under video surveillance the whole time. Investigators said he was easily identified.

An incident report states Georgia Power received a message that the meter had been disconnected, and reconnected at Bower's home. Even after Georgia Power retrieved its meter, Morris said Bowers was still able to get electricity. "He later took a pair of scissors and was able to gain power in that fashion," said Morris.

Morris said that is where the second count of theft of utilities stems from. Evelyn Kautz is a neighbor of Bower. "He's real quiet. You don't really hear from him," said Kautz. We asked investigators what if anything Bower is saying about the latest arrest. Not much other than he's down on his luck," said Morris.

Bower has a host of mug shots for those 10 counts of larceny, and investigators said there are about 70 more theft-by-deception charges pending. All of those stem from his former TV repair business. We asked Morris if he has ever seen a case like this in his career. "I can answer right now. No, I've never seen anything like this before," said Morris.

In June when Bower was last arrested, in order to get bond, one of the conditions was that he could not break any laws while he was out on bond. However we have confirmed that he in fact does have a bond for this most recent arrest. But he has not paid that money, and is still in the Columbia County Detention Center.