12 OYS: Elderly couple says they were scammed out of $600 by paving job

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Jan. 14, 2014


"It was about 12:30 we were having lunch and he knocked on the door," said Pauline Woodward. Woodward who is 80-years-old and her husband, Kelly who is 96-years-old say they invited the man on the other side of the door into their home. "Jimmy Mack, that was the one that came up to the door," said Woodward.

She says Mack was with Four Seasons Painting and Coating out of Augusta and that he could spray coat her driveway and fill the cracks making it look brand new for next to nothing. "Oh it will look so much better we can spray it and it'll turn grey just like new concrete," said Woodward.

Thirty minutes later, Woodward says her driveway was covered in what appears to be just white paint. Two weeks since the work has been finished, the paint is peeling when it rains, exposing the original concrete surface underneath. Unhappy with the work, she says she did not feel it was worth $640. She says Mack agreed to settle for a lesser price.

"Just $600, give me $600," said Woodward. Not much of a difference and hundreds of dollars more than she says the original verbal estimate was for. "He was very convincing," said Woodward.

She said she had learned an expensive lesson and will think twice the next time someone comes knocking on her door with an offer that seems too good to be true. "I feel terrible. I feel terrible about what's happened," said Woodward.

We called the number listed with the company but it was disconnected. Meanwhile our investigation found no company operating in Augusta by the name of Four Seasons Painting and Coating.

The Better Business Bureau says: do not ever contract with any paving, seal coating, roofing or home improvement company that knocks on your door.