12 OYS: Developer denied final building permit until flooding issue is resolved

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / July 2, 2014

GRANITEVILLE, S.C. (WRDW) -- Flooding problems in one Aiken County community are now stretching into a second day, and neighbors are worried their homes may literally float away before this problem is fixed.

Jack Pride Cox said runoff from a construction site has filled his pool with mud, costing him thousands of dollars to clean up.

It is a massive project causing major problems in one Graniteville neighborhood.

"It's flooding. Every time it rains, it floods like a river under our house," said Janet West.

She lives on Pride Avenue, not far from Gregg's Mill subdivision. On Saturday she shot video of a river of water rushing through her backyard. We found the source of the problems. A pipe that runs under Sudlow Lake Road.

"The pipe was unclogged by the developer," said West. Aiken County Council member Lawana McKenzie said the developer asked the state's department of transportation to clear the pipe, which had been clogged with debris for years, prior to building a retention pond on the site. "The developer has put in some things to try and stop it," said McKenzie.

She said concerns about the runoff problem is one reason why the county has not signed off on a final permit for the developers to build more homes on the site. While the project has been halted, the flow of water has not.

"By the time we have a really huge rain like we did Saturday night, I mean it is just washing through that property," said McKenzie.

She said the county is looking at ordinances, and even consulting with legal experts to find some resolution to keep everyone happy.

"I'm hoping that he will be a good neighbor and that he's going to try to work with these folks. From what I'm hearing, that is occurring. That's just going to take a little bit of time," said McKenzie.

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