12 OYS: Charges still mounting on TV repairman; cameras get look inside shop

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Feb. 7, 2014


MARTINEZ, Ga. (WRDW) -- Local TV repairman Perry Bower, already facing larceny charges is now facing 5 more counts of theft by deception.

Bower, owner of Electric Medic of Martinez is out on bond and now apparently out-of-business too. Friday afternoon News 12 found the doors wide open as investigators and the property owner sorted through a mountain of TV's and returned a few to their rightful owners.

"When Hiram Cartee dropped off his VCR at Electric Medic early last year he thought it would be a quick repair.

"It's been here ever since and every time I come he said he couldn't find it," Cartee said.

Cartee's VCR was one of more than 1,000 TV's and VCR's found by Columbia County marshals Friday. Hundreds of curcuit boards and other debris littered the floors inside the shop.

News 12 even found a mouse's body taped on a note that read, "look what I found in Woodward TV 9/29/2004."

It's a, it's a big mess if you want me to tell you," said Cartee.

Bower was evicted from the property Friday. It was just days after he was arrested for a third time in a month. Already facing 4 counts of theft by deception, Bower is now facing 5 more counts of larceny. One of those counts is a felony.

We asked Cartee if he had any message for Bower.

"Do I have a message for him? I'd rather not say," Cartee said.

On Your Side first investigated Bower last year after several customers complained that he took deposits but never fixed their TV's and other electronics. Frank Allen said he won a judgment against Bower but never saw a penny.

'"I think it's terrible the way he's treated other people. I didn't know there were so many," said Allen.

Investigators say at least 50 customers have filed police reports claiming Bower had never repaired or returned their TV's and other electronics.

We spoke with Bower last month just hours before his second arrest. He blamed News 12 for his problems. But he told a judge it was the Yellow Pages leaving his ad out of the phone book that led to his problems.

That is not all he told a judge.

"This skin infections I've got have got it where it's hard to build or repair TV's." said Bower. He now faces indictment.

As for Cartee? He's planning to test out his VCR.

"I'm gonna see if it works. If it works, I'm gonna start recording some Walker, Texas Ranger," he said.

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