12 OYS: Cabinet contractor accused of failing to do work; no refund

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / December 6, 2013


"They took the doors off and just refaced everything," says Evon Griffin. And she was pleased with the work.

So satisfied the first time she hired Fagan Cabinetry and Cabinet Refacing of Aiken that she approached the company again in 2011 for another remodeling job.

"He said $925 down to get started. So I said we're not in a big hurry because we were having other work done," says Griffin.

Earlier that year, Rob Fagan took over the business from his dad. But Griffin says it was not like father like son. Two years later, she is still waiting for the project to get started.

"He told me he was on a job. I told him well listen I'm a paying customer too," says Griffin. She says the owner finally showed up last month and made a decision. "It would be better if he just refund my money," says Griffin.

She says that is what Rob Fagan agreed to do.

We spoke with Fagan at the time. He told us, "She (Evon) kind of got pushed to the bottom of the pile...the economy just killed me this year...I've got to regroup and stomp out fires," says Fagan.

He also told us that he was not sure if he would stay in business.

"Well his story was that everything was going fine at first when he opened the business and then he said everything started falling apart," says Griffin.

It is now been almost a month and still no refund.

We investigated the company and found two similar complaints with the Better Business Bureau but both were resolved so the company kept it's A- rating.

Griffin says now she is hoping to get some resolution too. "There is no excuse for me not to receive a check and then if a do receive it I don't want it to bounce," says Griffin.

We reached out to Rob Fagan again today but he declined to talk to us on camera.

Meanwhile Richmond County where the work was to be performed, says no license was required for this type of project.

However Aiken's business license division says it is looking for Fagan. It says his license expired there on June 30.