12 On Your Side: Blind senior says she found feces in her hot meal delivery

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013


AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW) -- "I can't get in a car and go to the store and I don't have anyone to bring me anything," says Cincera Edwards.

Completely blind, she relies on other folks for some of her most basic needs.

"I don't have anyone to bring me a meal once week or once a day or every other day," says Edwards.

She receives hot meals several times a week from her local senior center. After a recent delivery when she reached into the bag, she says she found something that was not on the menu.

"I didn't know what it was all in my hand. It was mushy and I smelled it and I said oh my God, human feces," says Edwards.

She says she grabbed for the nearest thing she could find to wipe if off. "I got the bleach and dish washer and hurried up and washed my hands," says Edwards.

She called 911 and filed an incident report. Edwards says she contacted the Henry Brigham Senior Center, which distributes the meals.

"They came in and apologized and brought me something else for lunch but I didn't eat it," says Edwards.

She says she was told the incident would be investigated.

"They told me they would investigate and get back to me, instead they called that Monday and said how was the food," says Edwards.

Wednesday afternoon we went by the center looking for answers.
Food coordinator Heather Koons told us she could not comment but did direct us to the county's risk management department.

"We were told they are the one's investigating the incident. Edwards says the whole situation just makes her nauseous. "Very disgusted, very disgusted," says Edwards.

She says she hopes the person responsible for this sick joke is caught soon.

"Who knows if they're gonna mix it up in the food," says Edwards.

Meanwhile, she says she is also concerned that if someone could put human feces in a bag with food, what else would they do.

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