12 OYS: Best Buy accused of rebilling customer for previous unauthorized charge

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / April 3, 2014

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WRDW) -- Norbert Jasin wants to know who it was. He said 8 months ago Best Buy resolved that unauthorized charge on his account. But after getting his last bill he said the charge has mysteriously returned.

"I love the television set it's fine. All I did was make a purchase," said Jasin. But he said he got much more than what he paid for after he charged $813.59 on his Best Buy credit card last July.

"That is when the debacle began when we bought the television set," said Jasin. He said after getting his first statement he discovered another charge for $796.08 on his account. The same day he bought his flat screen for $813.59.

He said he called Citicorp Credit Services Inc., the bank that provides the Best Buy credit card. The bank said it closed the account and reported the unusual charge. But Jasin's problems had only just begun.

"They placed the account for collection, gave me even more grief when the collection agency was hounding me on the phone for the money," said Jasin.Fed up, in January he wrote a letter to Best Buy's corporate office demanding the problem get resolved.

A month later he received notification from Citicorp that the account was closed and the dispute, it was updated to resolved status with the major credit bureaus. But last month Jasin said his problems continued.

"I got a new statement from the account and the old charge is back on the account," said Jasin. On the new account 8 months after he reported the unusual charge. Jasin said he has simply had enough.

"Frustration. Frustration and disbelief," said Jasin.

So we went for answers. We contacted Best Buy and within a few hours a spokesperson called back telling 12 On Your Side the company is investigating Jasin's complaint and that it would let us know the outcome.

Meanwhile Jasin said while he loves his flat screen television, it has been the most difficult purchase of his life.

"Hopefully we could just get this resolved amicably and put to bed and not cause me any more grief," said Jasin. News 12 can confirm that a representative with the company did reach out to Jasin Thursday afternoon.