12 OYS: Auto shop accused of not delivering on repairs

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW) -- Kelly McGahee said she is been driving a Mercedes which is not even hers.

"It's not even reliable. Actually yesterday it overheated on me," McGahee said.

She would rather be driving her own car, her 2006 Lexus, but said it has been sitting idle in a repair shop. She said the owner is dragging his feet on fixing what is wrong with it.

"He's had my car for about 3 months," said McGahee. She said she paid out over $2,600 to have her engine rebuilt.

"I'm upset. I feel that he got paid for the job and pocketed the money, and does not care if my car is fixed," McGahee said.

While she has proof of payment and even an itemized list of parts and pricing, she did not ask one of the most important questions of all. What time frame would it take to make the repairs. Nowhere in her contract does it state, in writing, how long it would take to rebuild that engine.

The Better Business Bureau says when choosing a repair shop, you should not only get an estimate and an itemized list of repairs, but you should also find out how long your car could be out of service. In this case McGahee would have had an option to take her business elsewhere.

"I really feel like he got the money and does not care if I get my car back," McGahee said.

While McGahee admits she could have asked a few more questions before agreeing to the repairs, she also said the owner could have been more upfront with her. "I feel like I've been taken advantage of," McGahee said.

News 12 did not identify the specific auto shop working on McGahee's car because it does not appear that the business has done anything unethical or unlawful.

We did speak with the owner by phone and he stated that it would take about another week or two to complete those repairs on McGahee's Lexus.

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