12 OYS: "AT&T really failed it this time," veteran with heart condition says

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Feb. 24, 2014

EVANS, Ga. (WRDW) Alan Aldridge said his landline service is critical when it comes to his life. "I like AT&T service when it's working and this is the only time they've failed me. But they have really failed it this time," said Aldridge.

The military veteran said his landline is his lifeline. "I use my pacemaker 97% of the time," said Aldridge. Which means he has to use his transtelephonic monitor quite often to make sure his pacemaker is working as it should.

Aldridge said a couple of days after this month's ice storm, he lost service. He said he has been getting the runaround for two weeks from AT&T representatives on when his landline will be reconnected.

"I called everyday at least once a day or twice a day," said Aldridge. Finally last week he said he got a call from a manager that his service would be restored. "I told him about the phone check and my heart problems and he said we will get you taken care of," said Aldridge.

But when he checked hours later, still no dial tone. Aldridge said Saturday was the last straw. I got on this cellphone and spent 67 minutes while I went through seven different people at AT&T," said Aldridge.

With no results, he called On Your Side. We started making calls of our own to AT&T. A spokesperson told us that they are looking into the problem. Aldridge said while he has had AT&T service for decades, that may be coming to an end.

"I'm seriously considering replacing them." said Aldridge. And he is glad he made the call to On Your Side. "I am very lucky. Very fortunate that you guys came to help me," said Aldridge.

We later received a statement from AT&T. It said a technician was dispatched to Alan Aldridge's home to fix the problem. We called Mr. Aldridge who confirmed they are working on the problem.

It says it's technicians are working extended hours and its called on additional personnel to restore services in the area and it apologizes for the inconvenience.