12 OYS: 2nd parent served criminal trespass warning; district policies questioned

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Friday, Nov. 8, 2013

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW) -- "You know they want us to be parents and want us to be involved but if your going to be involved as a parent I don't think you should be banned from your daughter's school if your a supportive parent and I am that, "says Felicia Manor.

She says she will now have to support her daughter from outside T.W. Josey High School after receiving a verbal criminal trespass warning by its principal. "The principal of the school really don't want me on his property but will allow me enter the building but I can't go any further than the first two doors," says Manor.

She is also a substitute teacher in the district, and while she was not banned from the school for posting any picture online, instead Manor says her banishment stems from a student election in which her daughter was a candidate. "I really thinking that its retaliation against me because I questioned the authority to see the ballots in the election," says Manor.

She says she is never given the principal any reason for banning her and in fact says she has been actively involved in supporting the school as an alumnus.

We contacted district superintendent Frank Roberson and asked him if there is a protocol for documenting complaints or issues involving parents prior to issuing criminal trespass warnings. He tells us he is "not sure if anything is done as far as documenting and it is based on individual situations."

"You really can't support nothing verbally said you really have to give it in paper form. I requested for it but they don't have it," says Manor. She says it is becoming open season on supportive parents. "I think the principals are given too much power," says Manor.

Meanwhile we have made a formal request too see any documents related to the Tanya Mount case, however, as the superintendent explained, there is no district policy requiring documentation be kept.