Witnesses in shock after mother stabs toddlers to death

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, November 29, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Richmond County Investigators say 22-year-old Jeannette Michelle Hawes is in jail charged with two counts of murder after her two young children are found brutally stabbed inside an Augusta convenience store bathroom.

One-year-old Jordan Hawes died at the scene. His three-year-old sister Shakayla Hawes was dead by the time she reached MCG.

"I come in and the dude was knocking on the door and he said 'She's not saying anything! She's not saying anything!' and I'm like what happenend? And he said well this woman went in there with her two children and after about ten minutes we didn't hear them anymore." Naeem Marjaui relays after walking inside the store shortly after Michelle, as she was called by relatives, barricaded herself inside. "If you are going through something, leave the kids out of it. I'm not for suicide for any reason you know, but if you are going through something leave the kids out of it."

"There's no reason for her to do what she did. Especially with all these people out here that would take babies that can't have them. It's a shame." Says Wanda Barton who was outside the store.

Witnesses inside the store say Michelle had come in complaining of chest pains after a fight with her boyfriend. The clerk allowed her to use the restroom and within twenty minutes, it was all over.

"I couldn't imagine any mother would want to do their children like that. I mean, you got personal problems with your boyfriend, your husband, you need to take it up with them, not your children. Your children is innocent." cries Sheila Langston, who was also outside the store when Michelle was brought out in handcuffs. She and other witnesses say, the young mother showed no remorse.

"People on the other side of the street were hollering at her, saying she need to be hung, but she didn't look up, no crying, no nothing." adds Barton.

Langston, "She shouldn't live. She shouldn't live at all. She had no remorse. She wasn't crying. It was just like she just done it, and didn't care."

Hawes faces 2 counts of murder and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime.

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