Gas station robbed for the fourth time

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, November 29, 2007

HEPHZIBAH, Ga. - People who work at the Triangle Gas Station off Deans Bridge Rd. are still shaken up after their store is robbed for the fourth time Wednesday night.

"Yeah, I do feel scared." says Tisha, a new employee at the store, "I'm nervous."

And she has reason to be. This is her first day working at the Triangle --one day after the robbery.

"The manager didn't think I was going to come because of what happened," said Tisha, "But, I need my job."

The robbery happened at 11:30 pm. The store was closed. But employees were still inside. That's when two robbers, dressed in black with ski masks on, kicked the front door in -- breaking the lock -- and ordered the cashier to hand over cash.

The manager says there's no way to train a person to handle a robbery.

"Basically if you can, especially if they hold a gun toward you, just do what they say because we don't want anyone to get hurt. Their safety's our main concern," said Marci, the store's manager.

Officers say one of the robbers had a semi-automatic pistol.

"My cashier at the time, he was trying to get away but he couldn't and he did exactly what they asked him to do because he was scared."

Officers say that's the best thing to do, if you find yourself in the midst of a robbery, do what you're told. It could save your life.

"I just hope they can catch whoever it is because it's really gotten dangerous out here and people getting hurt, innocent people, and people getting shot. It's not worth it." said Marci.

Officers say it is a possibility that the robbers are connected to other recent gas station robberies.

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