Local "Kid Nation" star big winner

November 28, 2007

A Martinez family has thousands of reasons to be proud this morning. Hunter Jeffers is featured on the CBS reality show "Kid Nation," where 40 kids run a town for 40 days. The kids are responsible for everything, from government to cooking and cleaning.

Hunter had a big night Wednesday night, when he won the gold star. That prize is worth $20,000. The Town Council, the group of kids elected to run the town, gave him the star because of his hard work. They noticed that most of the other kids in town were busy playing in the arcade, but Hunter was hard at work, hauling water and helping with dishes. The prize also included a phone call to his parents. It had been more than 30 days since he last talked to them.

"Kid Nation" airs on News 12 Wednesday nights at 8:00.

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