Armed robbers on the loose

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News 12 at 11, November 27, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- Two people shot in just two days. There were three armed robberies last night at Barton Village Package Store, Burger King, and Huddle House.

Richmond County investigators said these three cases are linked and are probably connected to another shooting Sunday at Meme's Pizza. They said the method they used, the way they present themselves and their descriptions, show these three guys are involved in all three crimes.

It started at 11:15 Monday night. The owner of Barton Village Package Store was closing the store, when a suspect came around the corner and pointed a gun at him. The owner took off running and heard several shots fired and saw three or four men run away.

"We know that these are very dangerous people. They obviously have a total disregard for life," Lt. Scott Peebles said.

About an hour and ten minutes later, three suspects walked into the Burger King on Deans Bridge Road. Investigators said the suspects went into the managers office pointing a gun. As the manager pushed it away gun went off. The manager struggled with the suspect, pushing him out of the office door. That's when the suspect fired a round through the door hitting the manager in the shoulder.

"The thing that any of the suspects needs to know is, whether they shot any of these individuals or not, they'll be charged as if they had pulled the trigger themselves, because they were there, they helped orchestrate the incident and so the actions of one, are the actions of all," Lt. Peebles said.

Investigators said at 2:00 Tuesday morning these same three suspects showed up at the Huddle House on Tobacco Road, where they robbed the employees at gun point.

"You can't help but be scared. But I have to have a job, and I have to work. It's really scary," Huddle House employee, Jan Gumby said.

They fired several shots inside, but no one was hit.

"I'm scared they're gonna hit here again, you know," Gumby said.

Investigators said the Sheriff's Office is doing everything they can to catch these three young men.

"We are very concerned. We want to get these individuals off the streets. We know that with three of them, at this age, they're out talking about it, bragging about it, telling their friend about it. We want someone to call us, tell us about it, so we can put $5,000 in their pockets," Lt. Peebles said.

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