Thousands storm local stores on Black Friday

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News 12 at six o'clock, November 23, 2007

Augusta, GA---A chilly start to the day...and even a scuffle at the Augusta Mall. But that didn't keep shoppers away on Black Friday. "50 percent off bags...honey please...I'd wake up for that," says Desiree Martinez.

She is one of thousands who was out and about early this morning hoping to take advantage of door-buster deals. "I've been out since five o'clock this morning shopping. We've been to Wal-Mart, we've been to the mall, we've been everywhere." Mall managers say, "This day is sort of the kick-off for the holiday season, and all of our retailers have really pulled out all the stops with different incentives and sales to get people here so we've been doing really well."

There are about 5,000 parking spaces at the Augusta Mall. They were all full. People had to park on the grass. And at the Augusta Exchange the scene was not too different. There was literally a sea of cars.

"This is tons of fun. I love shopping, and so it's Black Friday so there's all kinds of sales. So it's really fun," says Laura Harvey.

Linda Kelly calls the day a family tradition. "We come and have Thanksgiving with my mom and my dad, and we just shop and eat, and shop, and eat."

Some shoppers got a first look at Augusta Mall's newest addition...the promenade. It is already ahead of it's expected revenue.

"The promenade has really been a tremendous boost for the mall. The additional merchandise that we're able to offer the community has been tremendous. The community has responded just unbelievably," says general manager Linda Hardin.

"I'm having a great day. I mean it's hectic, and it's hard to find things sometimes but you know it's worth it."

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