Early waiters at Best Buy

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News 12 at 11, November 22, 2007

For these people, it's not about spending Thanksgiving day at home. Their family tradition means getting a head start on their holiday shopping and looking for some good deals.

"To get a lap top. I saw a commercial on TV twice, I had to make sure because it was too good to believe, but $229, I'm here," Monkeisha Borders said.

Some people pass the time playing on their laptop. Others do their homework scouting the best deals. It's all about saving money and knocking out some Christmas shopping.

"I'm an electronics junkie and it just saves me a lot of Christmas shopping. I end up here buying Christmas presents for everybody else and can't beat the prices," Jeff Mayer said.

And Jeff Mayer was the first person in line. And he's been doing this every year for the past 20 years. So he celebrates Thanksgiving on Wednesday.

"Turkey, stuffing, the whole nine yards because my wife knows I'm going to be out here today so she finally knuckled under, a few years ago and decided to have Thanksgiving a day early," Mayer said.

Jack Hurd spent his day waiting to buy a computer. His family came prepared for the rain. They showed up in their semi.

"We got here about two hours ago. So about 2:00. So we'll end up spending 14-15 hours. The savings for that amount of time is just incredible, what we'll end up saving on the computer," Hurd said.

They said its worth it because you can't beat the prices. Prices so good, they had their Thanksgiving meal delivered right to their tent.

"They're going to bring me my Thanksgiving dinner outside and I'm going to have food by myself , but you know it will be worth it," Borders said.

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