Thanksgiving on Wheels

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AUGUSTA, Ga. - The Branham family piled in the car to go door-to-door delivering Thanksgiving meals. They say -- it's a tradition.

"What a joy and delight it is to go around and deliver these meals to people that cannot get out or don't have the means to get out and we can bring Thanksgiving to them," said Tammy Branham.

Doris Williams received one of the meals and says she's so thankful that people take the time to think about the less fortunate.

"I appreciate it a lot," said Williams.

Thanksgiving on Wheels helped to make sure 1500 people had a little turkey, dressing and green beans to enjoy. Plates were made throughout the morning at the Augusta Rescue Mission and over 200 volunteers helped out. It's a program that's been going on for seven years.

And the Branham family has helped each year.

"Thanksgiving holiday means to me the fact that I can go and do for other people," said Branham, "At the same time, when I leave from helping other people, I go back to my own home where our family gets together and eats our Thanksgiving dinner."

Meals on wheels -- it's putting the 'giving' in Thanksgiving.

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