Judge issues gag order in rape case of eleven year-old girl

News 12 This Morning, November 21, 2007

Atlanta, GA -- This morning, all parties involved in the child rape case near Atlanta will have to keep their mouths shut. The court is clamping down on the case of three boys, ages eight and nine, suspected of raping an eleven year-old girl. The judge has issued a gag order, meaning no one involved can comment on the case.
The mother says her daughter told her about the attack two days after it happened. Before the gag order, the mother said, "I really was in shock because I didn't expect this to happen to my daughter."
The father of one of the boys is defending his son, saying "it was just one of the cases the girl got in trouble with her parents." He goes on to say that because of her accusations, his son is in more trouble than he can handle.
Police say they can only deal with the facts they were presented. The boys are in a juvenile center this morning, but they can not be charged as adults because of their ages.

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