Tomi Rae Brown back inside James Brown's estate

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, November 19, 2007

BEECH ISLAND, S.C. -- It was a busy day for Mrs. Brown.
Not only was she handing out turkeys, but he also got to spend some quiet time at the Godfather of Soul's grave site. It was the first time she's been able to do that since his burial back in March.

Then she headed to the couple's Beech Island home for Tomi Rae Brown, which she says was the highlight of her day.

It's only the second time she's been allowed inside the home she and her son shared with James Brown since his death. But, Mrs. Brown says this was the first time in her mind though, because last time the estate's trustee's were there.

Mrs. Brown got a court order from Judge Jack Early last week to allow her back inside the home privately with her attorneys. While inside, she says she took inventory of some of her things and spent time remembering her husband; which she says is hard to do when everyone is battling over the estate rather than focusing on his legacy.

"People are battling over our possessions which is very strange to me but I guess it's important to them. To me it's important because I don't want them to take my memories you know, I mean I feel like they've already taken my husband and they still won't give him back so I'd kind of like to keep what we aquired together and our memories from around the world."

Tomi Rae says she didn't take anything from inside the home because she wants it to stay as is for the future memorial to brown she plans for the site.

Watch News 12 at 11 to hear about Tomi Rae's trip to James Brown's grave site, and what belongings she says are missing from inside their home.

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