Argument leads to two men shot

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News 12 at 11, November 18, 2007

Augusta, Ga. --- It all started after an argument over gas in a vehicle. Richmond County investigators said the suspect, Willie Brown said the victim, 37-year-old Dewayne McRinney called him an explicit name and "you are a dead man".

It happened around 9:00 Saturday night at the Castle Pines Mobile Home Park on Mike Padgett Highway. In Saturday's incident report, Willie Brown said the victim, 37-year-old Dewayne McRinney cut him on the left side of his face during a fight in the living room here at lot 245. According to the report, Brown loaded his shotgun in his bedroom as McRinney went into the rear bedroom and got his bb gun. Both men came back to the living room with weapons in their hands. Investigators said Brown and McRinney fought on the living room floor and Brown shot him.

"I think the fact that he went and got a shot gun, loaded it, and brought it back into the fight, eliminates the possibility that it was accidental," Lt. Scott Peebles said.

Investigators said the shotgun blast went through Brown's left foot and entered the groin of McRinney who then crawled outside and stayed in the yard until EMS arrived. Neighbors said it's not the first time they've seen deputies and ambulances in their neighborhood and they said they don't like the violence this close to home.

"If you got even a shot gun. If you too close you gonna petrify somebody's house and if its a high powered weapon, it's gonna go through and somebody else might get killed too," Harold Stiller said.

And they're afraid of what could happen if the violence continues.

"If someone gets drunk and doesn't know what they're doing, some innocent bystander is going to get hurt and thats what I worry about," Stiller said.

Both the victim and suspect were taken to MCG and investigators are waiting for them to recover before charging them.

"It's likely that when they're released from the hospital, both parties will end up going to jail for aggravated assault," Lt. Peebles said.

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