Six major gangs targeted in crackdown

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News 12 First at Five, November 14, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Officers are cracking down on members of six major gangs in the area in an operation called "Augusta Ink."

Gang number 1: O-Dub --They mainly hangout in South Augusta. O-Dub is considered the oldest and largest gang in Augusta.

Gang number 2 also hangs out in South Augusta: Meadowbrook Clique. Officers have also arrested some of their members.

Hephzibah has seen its fair share of gang activity too, with gang number 3 on the crackdown list: The Georgia Deadly Boyz.

Gang number 4, the Circle Boyz, is usually found in the Glenn Hills area.

Gang number 5 : Uptown, also known as The Fairington Gangster Thugs. They roam the Tobacco Road area.

And for Gang number 6, we even found YouTube footage: The East Boundary Boyz. They normally hang out in East Augusta.

Richmond County Sheriff Ronald Strength says thanks to this operation, they've found out about even more gangs in the area.

"We've learned a lot from this operation, and the future is going to show that this operation is long, long from being over," says Strength.

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