OYS: FTC cracks down on Do Not Call violators

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News 12 at 6, November 8, 2007

If you're on the Do Not Call List, the FTC just says it is working hard to keep your phone from ringing when you don't want it to. 12 On Your Side explains how the government is cracking down on illegal telemarketer calls.

The FTC just announced that it has six settlements in progress and several companies will share nearly $7.7 million in penalties.

The companies are Craftmatic, Security Company ADT, Ameriquest, Guardian Communications, and Global Mortgage Funding.

The FTC says these companies violated the Do Not Call List for among other things improperly calling customers and not giving accurate caller ID information.

The FTC chairman says this was done to protect consumers, and there could be more penalties to come.

"If they don't comply with an order going forward then they can be subject to pretty significant civil penalties." said FTC Chairman Deborah Majoras.

If you want to be on the Do Not Call List, you can call 1-877-382-1222 or you can go to https://donotcall.gov/.

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