Velma Brown and James Brown divorced

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November 8, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga -- An update to a story News 12 first brought you Wednesday, November 7 on News 12 First at Five.

The Godfather of Soul's first wife, Velma Warren Brown, filed an affidavit in Aiken County Wednesday claiming she and Mr. Brown never divorced, making her the surviving widow.

Today (November 8), News 12 obtained the divorce decree from Richmond County Superior Court.

It was filed by Velma Warren Brown in Richmond County on July 17, 1969.

The divorce was granted by Richmond County Superior Court Judge John Hardin on August 26, 1969.

Velma Warren Brown's attorney, David Bell, says during their research they looked for a divorce decree filed by Mr. Brown against Velma since Velma says she did not remember being divorced.

In the decree, Velma and Mr. Brown formally separated in 1964. The separation she says was "the cause of separation was the cruel treatment willfully inflicted upon the petitioner (Velma Warren Brown) by the defendant (James Brown)"

The decree also states there were four children in the marriage, Teddy Brown (age 15 at the time; now deceased), Terry Brown (age 14 at the time), Larry Brown (age 10 at the time), and Lisa Brown (age 5 at the time).

Louis Levenson, attorney for the recognized Brown children, tells News 12 that Lisa Brown is a child of Velma Warren's from another relationship.

Robert Rosen, the attorney for Tomi Rae Hynie Brown had no comment.

News 12 will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest on News 12 First at Five and News 12 at 6 o'clock.

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