No winner yet in the District 25 election

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News 12 at Five o'clock - November 7, 2007

AIKEN, SC - Every vote certainly counted in the District 25 Senate race between Republican Shane Massey and Democrat Bill Clyburn.

Aiken poll director Stuart Bedenbaugh says with 25% of voters casting their vote, it was an above average turnout.

"It's sad to say," said Bedenbaugh, "but having almost a quarter of the eligible electorate to come out is a good turnout."

But something not so good happened. The votes from one polling machine in Aiken weren't counted.

"One precinct that had totals off of one machine that were not recorded in the count last night," explains Bedenbaugh, "Mr. Massey received 28 extra votes. Mr. Clyburn had 65 votes. These were off of a voting machine from last night. Those totals off that one machine were not included in what we reported."

With the new votes added in, the margin between the two candidates is only 150 votes. It brings Massey to 7,153 votes and Clyburn to 7,003 votes.

Bedenbaugh says there's a chance more votes could roll in.

"We do have a handful of provisional ballots that we are in the process of reviewing," he said.

Democratic candidate Bill Clyburn says he still feels optimistic.

"We have to wait until a final count. They're still counting the votes so we just have to wait and make sure that everybody's vote counts," said Clyburn.

In a phone interview, Massey told News 12, "Even with the newfound votes, I feel confident that the results will be in my favor."

Clyburn said, "We had a lot of people working hard. We all worked hard, including my opponent, and so you just want a true story."

And the candidates will find out the true story when all the votes are calculated and certified Friday. That's when a winner will be announced or a re-count will be requested.

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