Run-off ahead for Augusta Commission District 2

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News 12 at 11, November 6, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga -- District 2, a seat made famous by Marion Williams.

Now, there are two new names we're going to hear a lot in the next month as the race for the seat is down to two for the December 4th runoff.

It's between Freddie Handy and Corey Johnson and both men say the campaign starts now.

News 12 caught up with both candidates tonight as they celebrated their first victory on their road to claim the seat.

Freddie Handy got the most overall votes, 565, for a total of 28 percent of the vote. Handy says it's his experience on the commission in the 90s that makes him the best candidate. He says if elected he will focus on working with the people of Hyde park to find a solution.

Hyde Park is also a top priority for candidate Corey Johnson. Former District 2 Commissioner Marion Williams was at Johnson's celebration tonight offering support. It's support Johnson says he'll need for the runoff. He's right behind Handy in numbers, 491 total votes for 24 percent of the vote.

Here's why both men say they are the best man for the job

Freddie Handy, "I am a proven leader and throughout this campaign i tried to stress to the people that i was the best candidate because of experience."

Corey Johnson, "The passion. The passion I have for people the commitment i have to serve and knowing there is no hidden agenda. It's just doing everything i can to reach out to people and bring them together. Giving the power back to the people so they understand they do have a voice in the community."

Again that run off will be December 4th, and keep it here with News 12 and for all the latest on the race for District 2.

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