Voters in Super District 10 make their picks

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News 12 First at Five, November 6, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Fran Stewart has lived in Augusta for over 30 years. She has been on the campaign trail for a lot of different candidates in that time, and this year is no different. "I'm hoping that John Butler will be my representative for my Super District 10," she said.

She says the decision was simple. "I just feel like John is more in touch with us with neighborhoods."

His message is extreme makeover, Commission edition. Butler's wife Stephanie says, "He's done it in my household. He can do it in the government. I'm telling you."

She is a proud wife who is certain of one thing. "Change! We need change in Augusta. We need some new young blood in Augusta."

Fred Sims, Grantham's campaign manager says, "Change, it's so fun and it's so easy to say that but, you know, to actually get in there and know what's going on change is just a buzz word, and you have to make the right change not just a change."

Can Butler overtake the incumbent Don Grantham?

"In a very short," says Dr. Ralph Walker, a political science professor at Augusta State. "I'm very proud of John Butler, a young man running for office...great experience. However, it would be a tremendous upset if he would beat Don Grantham."

Butler's wife says, "I believe in him. I believe that he can get in and make a difference in this city...I really do."

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