District 6 candidates out campaigning

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News 12 First at Five, November 6, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- There are five candidates competing for the District 6 seat. The candidates are: Juanita Burney, Rosa Clemons, Joe Jackson, Tony Lewis, and Elmer Singley. Candidates got an early start Tuesday morning. Some started campaigning at 5:30 and haven't stopped since.

News 12 spoke with the two female candidates in District Six: Juanita Burney and Rosa Clemons. Clemons said she wants to move the city forward by bringing in new businesses and improve community resources for family entertainment.

Juanity Burney said Augusta needs to bond and work together to improve its image. She said the city needs to get on a progressive track to move the city forward.

"The rest of the day is to do pretty much what I'm doing now, which is circulate among the actual precincts. Talk to as many people as possible," Burney said.

"I voted today. I've been at every one of the polls. I waved and talked with the people and had a grand time. Delivered lunch to the poll workers and just kinda been hanging out and talking with the voters," Clemons said.

News 12 also caught up with Tony Lewis and Joe Jackson.

Lewis says he wants more economic development in south Augusta and wants to bring harmony and unity to the Commission. We asked him what he was doing to drum up last minute votes.

"We're out holding up signs," Lewis said. "We're talking to the people and we're just moving around. We're not stationed here... we're moving around going from precinct to precinct. So the people will get an opportunity to see Tony Lewis also."

Joe Jackson says the main items on his platform include law enforcement, recreation, planning and zoning, and working together. He wants everyone in Augusta to come together and work with the sheriff's department. He says the sheriff's department needs support and that will help keep the community safe.

We asked Jackson what he'd been doing this election day.

"Just been out working the polls," he said. "Started at 3:30. Just out trying to get voters out to vote and drum up some voters. Just keep working hard. It's not over till it's over."

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