Aiken County EMS investigation reveals missing money

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, Nov. 5, 2007

AIKEN, S.C. --- We finally have some answers for you in the case of the EMS Director and his wife accused of misusing money. SLED and the county Sheriff's Office have wrapped up their investigation into Phil and Lynn Clark.

We know the results. But there are still many more questions that need to be answered.

Pat is concerned. This after the Aiken County EMS Director and his wife were taken off the payroll over financial concerns in the donation account last month.

"I want to know it's going for that purpose and not something else," says Pat Sallee.

The SLED and Aiken County Sheriff's Office investigation is now complete. Solicitor Barbara Morgan tells News 12, after reviewing the case and talking with investigators, it's clear money is missing. Morgan says the Clark's may be responsible.

"It's also clear that we couldn't pursue criminal charges because there isn't sufficient evidence in hand to prove it," says 2nd Circuit Solicitor Barbara Morgan.

The money missing comes from receipts in mileage, the donation account and other areas.

With the investigation complete, the concern now is focusing on keeping better records so this doesn't happen again.

"Give us the tools. Give us the opportunity to rectify the situation and pursue it criminally if it's appropriate," says Ms. Morgan.

That's what the county administrator is trying to do. Every month, the county looks at credit card receipts. And now, about 60 county-issued credit cards are under review.

Gene asked, "Was there something on those receipts that raised a red flag that you needed to collect all of them, or was this a collection based upon the investigation of the EMS Director?”

Clay Killian answered, "The investigation did ask us, made up, ask ourselves that we needed to look at this."

As for Pats' thoughts on all of this, "I think they need to go in and maybe take some credit cards away from them," which is something the county is now looking into.

"If they need to be stricter, great; if we need to have [fewer] cards, fewer people having them," says Killian.

Solicitor Morgan adds she can't do anything on her end unless there is enough evidence and safeguards are in place to take the necessary action.

There is an interim director of the EMS and Emergency Service. The county is now looking to fill those positions immediately.

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