Alleged murderer buried with military honors

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, November 4, 2007

EDGEFIELD, SC - Family members say Alecia and Jade Arangilan were always smiling and full of life. But Investigators say that was all taken away by Robert Herring.

Herring's funeral was held Sunday at Posey Funeral Home. He was funeralized with military honors, something Alecia and Jade Arangilan's family cannot believe and will not accept.

"He shot my niece (Jade) while she was sleeping in her bed and did the same thing to my sister (Alecia) and they had no choice. He was such a coward that he took his own life. We won't stop pursuing it until we find some type of justice for them," said Alecia's sister Tonya Sullivan.

In a prepared statement the family offers condolences to Herring's children, but also say they're going to fight to get Robert Herring stripped of all military honors.

"Bob was not an American hero. He was an evil monster that premeditated my baby sister and my niece's murder. Is this an American hero? I don't think so. And all my family's asking is that he be stripped of all his military honors," said Sullivan.

That's what Alecia and Jade's family is seeking, but under law they won't get it without a fight.

According to Senate Bill 1042, Section 66, people who are convicted of a capital offense can be denied of certain burial benefits -- including internment in national cemeteries. But Herring never stood trial.
So for now, the body of Robert Herring will be buried at the Beaufort National Veterans Cemetery.

Alecia and Jade's family says they're going to change that and they want Herring stripped of all military honors.

"We're not going to stop. This is my sister and my niece. They were innocent," said Sullivan.

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