Golden Jewelers on Deans Bridge robbed

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News 12 First at Five, November 2, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- A robbery by intimidation. It happened around 3:30 Friday morning on Deans Bridge Road at Golden Jewelers. Store owner Kyung Kye was inside taking inventory when she heard a loud crash at the front door. Richmond County investigators said two black males entered the store. One was armed with a sledge hammer and the other with long pliers.

"I was scared at the time. That's all I could think of, what am I supposed to do right now because all in the morning here I am by myself," Kyung Kye said.

Kye said the men asked her for all the money.

"So I told him, money over there, money over there. Because I got the safe open and meanwhile, this other guy came in at the same time and started breaking all my showcases," Kye said.

Kye said the men broke three of her jewelry showcases and stole the entire cash register drawer and a large quantity of jewelry, including a chain worth $7,000.

"We had some witnesses who were standing outside and they advised us there were four subjects. The owner of the store only saw two, her concentration was only on the two, but we found out there were actually four," Sgt. Calvin Chew said.

Investigators said the men were wearing masks and gloves.

"At that time I couldn't think of nothing. And I'm just shaking, just so scared," Kye said.

Kye said although she was scared, the men did not threaten her during the robbery.

Kye said, "They just coming in. One guy start to hit the showcase and I was running over there trying to get to the emergency button and he ran same time with me so he didn't threat me, he just said 'where's the money?'"

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