Local girl talks about her recovery from MRSA

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News 12 First at Five, Nov. 2, 2007

BARNWELL CTY - Concerns about the staph infection MRSA are spreading across the country. And here at home, new cases are turning up in both states. News 12 talked to a teenager from Blackville who one day woke up in severe pain.

13-year-old Jerri Lynn McGill spent six days in the hospital, missing many days of school. And her family thought she was going to die.

Jerri Lynn found a mark on her back. She thought a spider got the best of her. It turns out she was wrong.

"The next day it turned out to be as big as a golf ball," she said.

She says the mark grew overnight.

"I woke up the next morning and I couldn't feel my back. It felt like I was paralyzed," she added.

Jerri Lynn told her mom, Patricia Lynn McGill, and stepdad about the pain. Patricia thought she was just kidding to stay home from school, but when they saw her back they knew something was wrong.

"She ain’t going to no doctor, she's going to the hospital," Patricia said.

Jerri Lynn would go back and forth between home and the Barnwell County Hospital for three days.

"They said it was in my blood stream and if I didn't come to the hospital just in time, it would have killed me," she said.

Turns out, it didn't get into her blood stream, but her body didn't respond to treatment, and that's when she was admitted to the hospital.

We asked Jerri Lynn's doctor, Dr. Yasir Kajn, "Can you describe the size of her marking on her body compared to a fruit?"

"A medium size watermelon," he said.

That size shocked Jerri Lynn, and the pain was something she says she never wants to go through again.

"It was burning, stinging. It was like numbness all on my left side. I couldn't move my arms," she said.

She was in the hospital for six days. She got better day by day.

And today, "I'm great now. I feel better than ever."

As for mom, "I'm gonna be keeping my eyes on her."

Jerri Lynn is back in school now.

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